Week 1 NFL Predictions in 60 Seconds

Here are my 2018 Week 1 NFL Predictions in 60 seconds.  No need for detailed analysis.  It’s all about thin slicing the card to find the winners.   If you’re not a member of one of our leagues to bet imaginary wagers on these games yet, click here and join Wannamakeabet.com now, it’s absolutely free

  1. Browns +3.5 over Pittsburgh.   No Le’Vean.  No win.
  2. 49ers + 6 over Vikings.  Jimmy G keeps them in it till the end.
  3. Colts – 1.5 over Cincy.  Welcome back Andy.
  4. Buffalo +7.5 over Ravens.  Too much wood to chop.
  5. Jags – 3 over Giants.  Big mismatch.
  6. Tampa + 10 over Saints.  Always a close game.
  7. Houston +6.5 over New England.   DeShaun Watson.  JJ Watt.  Brady gets the calls in the end but a close game.
  8. Miami – 1 over Tennessee.   Flip a coin but take the home team.
  9. San Diego – 3.5 over Chiefs.  Home series.
  10. Denver – 3 over Seattle.  Seattle bad on the road.
  11. Dallas + 3 over Carolina – Zeke and the Defense.
  12. Redskins +2.5 over Zona.  Cards are awful.
  13. Packers – 7 over Bears.  The Survivor pick of the week.
  14. Lions – 7 over Jets.  No quarterback for Green.
  15. Oakland +4.5 over Rams.  Gruden keeps them in it despite the mismatch.

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