NFL Week 15 Review: Tuesday Morning Quarterback

by Jack Chambers – Wannamakeabet Staff Writer

Holy touchdown fest.  I’ve never seen “Every touchdown from every game” at the end of the NFL Redzone broadcast take so long.  Well here’s our weekly version, we’ll call it Every Cover From Every Game.  A quick recap of all the games from a sports betting perspective.  Teams in bold covered.  Let’s do this!

  1. Denver kicked the week off by kicking the Colts’ butt.  Easy cover 25-13
  2. Detroit coasted to an easy win over the rival Bears, 20-10
  3. The Chiefs shocked many of the public bettors with an easy win over the Chargers.  Rivers had one of his worst games of the season and the Charger three team teasers didn’t even get there.  30-13 final.
  4. Buffalo had no problem with Miami.  Miami blew their wad on Monday with the win over the Pats and lost 24-16.
  5. Aaron Rodgers returned to action but threw a few picks and lost to Carolina by seven, 31-24
  6. Baltimore stayed alive in the playoff hunt with an easy win over the pathetic Browns 27-10.  Deshone Kizer fumbled deep in his own end… again.
  7. Jacksonville absolutely blew out Houston 45-7
  8. Speaking of blowout, Minnesota bounced back and absolutely hammered Cincy 34-7
  9. The Saints beat the Jets easily 31-19 but didn’t cover the huge spread of 16.5 points in the only game of the weekend where the big favorite didn’t cover.  Luckily the Saint teasers got there with less than a minute to go.
  10. Eli manning looked like his old self and the Giants barely lost to the Eagles in another high scoring affair 34-29.
  11. Washington took care of Arizona 20-15.  Boring game.
  12. The Rams absolutely dismantled Seattle 42-7.  Humiliating loss for the Seahawks, likely ending their injury plagued season.
  13. New England had the gods on their side yet again as they beat the Steelers in the best game of the weekend that included what else, a controversial call by the officials.  “The receiver did not survive the ground” will be heard the the halls and nightmares of Steeler fans and players for the rest of the season.
  14. The Jimmy G era in San Francisco continues as the 49ers beat the Titans on a last second field goal 25-23.   Titans got the cover getting 2.5 but lost the AFC South to the Jags.
  15. In a fitting end to a crazy day, Derek Carr fumbled the ball into the end zone for a touchback at the end of the game to lose to Dallas 20-17.  At WANNA and most books, the game was a Push with the closing line Dallas -3.
  16. Monday Night Football – Atlanta survived a touch game on the road against rival Tampa 24-21 wrecking most bets in America that had Atlanta and the Over.  Tampa and the Under was the winning ticket.

We’re on to Week 16.  Only two more weeks to go in the regular season!



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