NFL Betting Roundup: Week 4

The NFL just wrapped up another exciting weekend as Week #4 at comes to a close in the 2022 season.    Let’s take a look back at the most meaningful moments of the weekend as we kickoff our NFL betting roundup: week 4 summary.

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Tua Goes Down Again

Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa should not have been on the field Thursday night against the Bengals as a four point dog.  But there he was.  And down he went on a hard tackle in the second quarter that left him unconscious.  The most ominous part of the injury were his hands.  They were locked in a stroke like position that left everyone watching aghast.   His backup, Teddy Bridgewater came in and performed admirably.  In fact, Miami was in good position to win the game or at least cover in the 4th quarter but Teddy through a critical pick and the Bengals went on a game winning drive to seal the win and cover 27-15.

London’s Calling

Week #4 started the season series in London where the Vikings took on the Saints as four point chalk.  The game was good and the Vikes and Kirk Cousins got the win.  But nobody really saw the action except true degenerate gamblers and fantasy players and the Vikes didn’t cover the closing number of 4 either way.

Josh / Lamar

The best matchup on the early card was Josh Allen against Lamar Jackson as the Bills hit the road to play Baltimore in the rain.  The Ravens gave up yet another double digit lead in this one.  And Lamar made a critical error in the 4th quarter of a tie game and threw an interception in the Bills endzone.  Buffalo then drove the length of the field and left no time on the clock before kicking the walk-off field goal.   The line went to Buffalo -3 late so depending on what number you got and what side you were on, this could have fallen both ways.  Either way, two of the best teams in the AFC went at it for 60 solid minutes in a battle that did not disappoint.

Pittsburgh Slide

The Jets never won in Pittsburgh, until now.  Zach Wilson came into the game and faced a TJWattless defense in Pittsburgh and was able to put together a game winning drive to get the win.  The Jets were taking money early Sunday all the way until game time and the line closed at 3.  Coach Tomlin went to rookie Kenny Pickett at half time and he did not exactly impress as the Steelers fail to win or cover and fall to 1-3 in the AFC North.

Survive or Die

The biggest Survivor play of the the week was easily the Packers / New England game at Lambeau field.  At least 50% of most Survivor pools had the Pack and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when 70 year old and 10 point dog Brian Hoyer was knocked out of the game.  But then a rookie from Western Kentucky named Bailey Zappe came into the game and stared moving the ball.  As Packer fans, bettors, and survivor players held their breath for most of the entire 60 minutes, it took an overtime win by a field goal to seal the victory and the Survivors move on to week 5 feeling stressed out as usual.

Chief Andy

Andy Reid and Pat Mahomes rolled into Tampa on Sunday night and slapped the shit out of the Tampa defense.  They might have scored on every single possession in the game as the highly touted and top ranked Tampa defense was completely powerless and KC reminded us, once again, they will be a force to be reckoned with this season as a top team in the AFC.  The Chiefs easily got the cover putting up 41 points themselves against Tom and Co, who admirably never gave up and ended up putting up 31 themselves in vain.

And Speaking of Defense

The week ended on Monday night with the 49ers defense showing the entire country how good they are.  Jimmy G was serviceable and Debo Samuel was sensational but that defense shut down Cooper Kupp and Matt Stafford without issue and even sealed it with a pick six in the 4th quarter.   All little Jimmy had to do was hand off reverses and throw screen passes.  So much for AFC West Road dogs.  The commish may have to rethink his strategy on that front.

We’re heading to Week 5 so make sure you stay tuned to the blog this weekend for all the insights and handicapping info from 

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