NFL 2021 Week 14 Predictions

The commish got back on track last week going 3-2 which brings the season record to 33/62 (53.22%).   What did we learn?  Even my beloved Vikings can have a let down.  Nice expected bounce back for Philly.  Pittsburgh still has fight in them.  Seattle decides to start playing aggressive right when they’re completely out of the playoff race.  And the Buffalo Bills are still a very good team and I won’t hold the horrible whether game against them as we head down the stretch.  Here’s who I have my eye on in the NFL 2021 Week 14 Predictions.  All lines are from at the time of this posting.

Washington Football Team +4.5 over Dallas Cowboys

You have to override conventional thinking to back the Skins today.  Because I have Dallas ranked 4th and WFL 22nd.   But I’m betting into the fact that this is a division war and certain things will likely unfold.  On paper the Cowboys are a much better team than Washington.  And if they click on all cylinders they blow out Washington.  But when you back Dallas its just if, if, if.  If Zeke plays well (which he hasn’t been).  If Dak distributes his passes well (which he doesn’t). If coach McCarthy doesn’t make dumb calls and mismanage the clock (which he does).  It all leads to one place.  This being a close game, on a slow, wet, grass field between two teams that are fighting for the division and too many points on the road to lay with Dallas.  It’s a confident team playing at home getting too many points.

Cleveland -2.5 over Baltimore

Blitz.  That’s how.  That’s how you beat Lamar.  His quarterback ranking is among the worst in the league when he’s under pressure (So is Baker’s btw).   Miami knows this.  Pittsburgh knows this.  And the Browns know it from the last time they played two weeks ago when they had four picks.  The difference between that game and this one are several.  Starting with the fact that the Ravens secondary is decimated with injuries lead by Marlon Humphries.  And Marcus Peters, the other corner is also on IR.  And they also have three other cornerbacks who are questionable.  This is all in addition to 25 starters on the injury list.  My lord, if you can’t take advantage of this secondary today Cleveland you should throw in the towel on the season.  And Cleveland is not without their own injuries, especially on the O line.  Conklin is done for the season and so is back up Hubbard.  But GM Andrew Berry mentioned, discreetly, that Baker needs to play well in December, or else.  So we have the Browns coming off a bye in a must win game at home.  The Browns put a good one together today and Baltimore continues their slide.

New York Giants +10 over LA Chargers

Very difficult spot for the Chargers today.  They have to play the Chiefs on Thursday night, which will likely decide the AFC West, assuming they get this win.   The Giants have won four games this season, including some respectable wins against Philly, a beat down of Carolina, the Raiders and an overtime win over the Saints.   That’s respectable.  Who are the Chargers to be laying 10 in December in a game like this?   Tons of injury questions abound in this game.  And Keenan Allen is out.   I don’t even know whose playing quarterback in this game for the Giants (DJ is out and I believe it’s Glennon) but I just hope it’s not Jake Fromm.   All the Chargers want to do today is get out of here with a win, and as we all know, that’s easier said than done.  Three team teasers beware.

Buffalo + 3 over Tampa Bay

An angry Buffalo team rolls into Tampa today in whether that will be a 180 from what the Bills had to deal with on Monday night against the Pats.  As we saw on Monday, Buffalo is not really set up to stop the run with their 3-4 but they are set up well to stop the pass, which is exactly what Tampa loves to do.  Brady could easily drop back to throw 40 or 50 times today.   Or they may be foolish enough to think they can win up front and do what Indy and New England did, but they cannot run the ball as their default and don’t have the people to do so even if they want to .  The Bucs pass defense is not great.  And I expect the Bills and Stefon Diggs to light up this secondary today on some big plays.  Over players are going to love this game today but I’m on the dog in a game the Bills may actually win outright.  Possibly wait until late to get the 3.5 as it was earlier in the week.

LA Rams +2.5 over Arizona Cardinals

My NFC West underdogs play continues this week as we got there with no problems last week with Seattle over the 49ers.  A fantastic Monday night matchup awaits us as we get a look at two of the NFCs best in this Rams/Cards battle.  On the QB side, Stafford is no less injured than any other quarterback so I don’t want to hear he’s banged up nor do I think it matters.  Despite Woods being out, he’s still got Cupp and OBJ and they won the first matchup 37-20.  And historically they own the Cards.   Aaron Donald is coming off the best game of the year which is good, because he didn’t play that well in the first matchup.  The electric Kyler Murray appears to be in top form again, now that he took a month off in the middle of the season.  But let’s not forget he still struggles to take care of the ball as well as he should.   Arizona is truly impressive but in a game of this magnitude on a national stage, I’m still keeping my eyes on the bias in this game, and that’s with the Rams and the dog.

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NFL 2021 Week 14 Predictions






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