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Sports Betting Championships – where players bet on sports with a bankroll of points or imaginary dollars instead of real money only exists at  We are pleased to offer this compelling format of competition that is a great platform for friends, corporations, and brands to have some fun while limiting the risk for everyone involved.   And we have been doing this since 1999 when we launched our proprietary platform.

How Does It Work?

Players join a private or public pool / league where they will be competing against each other to try and grow their bankrolls over a given period of time.  That may be one weekend, one month, or over the course of an entire season.  All players are given a bankroll to bet with.  Our standard allocation is 50,000 points.  Each player then takes those points and starts betting on any sport they choose to compete in.  So if the league is for the NFL then they will see every line from every game in the NFL during the flight of the league.   Robust Sports Betting Championships cover all sports so during the competition you can bet on every single Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer game.  As you can imagine, this is a crazy amount of action and fun.

Grading Wagers / Pool Standings

Once games are complete the platform grades all wagers tied to that game in real time and updates the standings for everyone in the pool.  You will then know where you stand at any point in time.  And of course, you can only bet with the bankroll that you have in your bank so you must be careful not to tie all your bets to games that might not end before the next game you want to bet on starts.

What Types of bets can you make during the competition? 

All common bet types are available for action in the pool / league.  Typically, this means Sides / Totals / Teasers / Parlays / Reverses (if bets) as well as moneylines and moneyline parlays.

Minimums / Maximums

Typically, there are no minimums and no maximums that you have to bet during the competition.  Making bets is a double edge sword in that each time you place a bet it’s both a chance to win and lose your bankroll.  Having managed this platform for the past 20 years we can certainly attest to the fact that more bets is not necessarily the answer to winning your Championship.


Once the contest ends after the final game there is a declared winner.  The winner takes home the prize which is based on the entry fee that a private competition decides or could be a sponsor gift like a brand new car.  At we have prizes based on how many people are in the league so the more people you tell about this great contest format, the more money we can give away!

Join today.  Join our monthly “All Sports” Betting League Championship today where you bet points instead of real money on all the major pro sports (NFL, College Football, NBA, NHL, MLB).  We’ll put you into a league and give you a bankroll of 50,000 points so you can bet on every game on the board.  And you get 50,000 more points every week.  Whomever has the most points at the end of the league is the winner and wins real cash based on how many players join!  Join today, it’s free!

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