Week 7 NFL Predictions – Teaser Sunday

We’re back with our NFL Week 7 predictions for the 2020 season here at Wannamakeabet.com.  The Dallas Cowboys hurt us and the rest of the country last week when they absolutely laid an egg against the Arizona Cardinals and got blown out at home.  But, as we always say in Sports Betting, you must have a short memory if you’re going to handicap properly and you need to understand how a game like that plays into value in the upcoming week.  With that said, here’s who the commish likes this week.  This is an extremely tough card in my opinion and so I’m going to use some teasers to give myself some more room.

Teaser 1 ) Steelers + 7.5 and  Carolina +12.5

Pittsburgh is the best team in the AFC right now and the difference in this game will be on defense.  The offenses are similar, both ranked in the top 10 but I have the Steeler defense ranked 2nd overall and whereas the Titans are ranked 22nd.  Carolina can throw the ball quite effectively and using the teaser to take me through the key numbers of 7 and 10 here give me a lot of comfort in this division rivalry.

Teaser 2) Dallas +7.5 and and San Francisco +8.5

I’m looking for Dallas to bounce back strongly after the horrible loss to Arizona.  Zeke will probably never fumble twice again in the same game the rest of his career.  These teams are quite evenly matched and I like the six points to take me through the key numbers of 3 and 7 for the Boys.  In the 49ers game, also two evenly matched teams and taking the teaser to get me through the key numbers of 3 and 7.  San Francisco’s defense will keep them in this game against a New England team who’s defense will never pull away from anyone with Cam Newton and those receivers you’ve never heard of.

Teaser 3) Raiders +11 and Chargers -1.5

Our west coast teaser special today has Vegas, coming off a bye and positive Covid tests getting through the key numbers of 3, 7, and 10 and thinking  Gruden will have to do very little to keep his team motivated to win this one against his former team.  If the Raider defense can play to their potential, they can even win this game.  And the Chargers are playing one of the worst teams in the league in Jacksonville.  I was even comfortable laying the full 7.5 here but feeling much better laying less than a field goal is all that’s needed to get the win and cover here.

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