March Sports Betting Championship Final Results

Here are the top 5 finishers for the March Sports Betting Championship at  Congrats to member GoVikes who nailed a last minute parlay on MLS last night to take first place.  Invites are out for the April Sports Betting Championship now.  April will have the end of March Madness, MLB, NBA, NHL, and all domestic and international Soccer leagues.  Just log in to the site to get your invites or join for the first time and we’ll automatically put you in.  Entry is free and we give away cash to the winners!

  1. GoVikes – 925,311
  2. tripplej49 – 500,000
  3. ZARTH VADER – 245,000
  4. Los Huevones – 222,211
  5. BuiltbyBeer – 101-818

Stay tuned to our blog for important updates about all leagues.

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