Why I love the Rams in Super Bowl LIII

The Patriots are the team you love to hate.  That’s why I love the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.  But there’s obviously a lot more to it than that when it comes to handicapping the game.  So I have my other reasons which I will go into now.  But that’s at the top of the list.  The rest will just be a justification for why I’m betting on them in the big game and in all my leagues at Wannamakeabet.com to end this great season.

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It’s a pretty simple choice.  Tom Brady and the big, bad New England Patriots, who are looking for their sixth ring in less than two decades? Or Sean McVay and the new-school Los Angeles Rams, a franchise that last won it all with Kurt Warner in 1999?

Enough is Enough

This is the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl appearance in 18 seasons. That means that, since 2001,  New England has made the Super Bowl, on average, every other year. People these days like to complain about the Golden State Warriors making four straight NBA Finals, but that’s nothing compared to this.  Five times is enough.    It’s all enough.  I’ve had it.  Until they start losing AFC Championship games, we can only root for them to lose in the Super Bowl.  

What’s In A Name? 

Sure, the Pats have their big play names.  Brady, Edelman, Gronk.  But the Rams have them too and arguable more of them.   There’s Todd Gurley, who should be hungry as ever to prove he’s still MVP material. There’s C.J. Anderson, who came out of nowhere to star as the bowling-ball runner of the playoffs.  And don’t forget Goff.  A high touted pick and one of the games best young Arms who is finally coming into this own.  There’s Brandin Cooks, who’ll be playing a revenge game.

And there’s Aaron Donald, who’s capable of single-handedly wrecking New England’s interior and reminding the world that defensive stars can still be game-changers.  Oh and Ndamukong Suh is playing as well as he ever has, and dare I say under more control than he ever has.  Older and wiser.  Then we have more names and more talent in the secondary.  We have names, folks.  Thomas Peters and Aquib Talib.  They are going to cover Edelman and Gronk.  And I know that will leave someone like Sonny Michel open but if you take away those two and get a solid pass rush than the Patriots are in trouble.

I love LA

Just from the L.A. perspective, these Rams are historic, too. Their city hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the now-Oakland, future-Las Vegas Raiders took the Lombardi with Jim Plunkett and Marcus Allen back in 1985. And before that, it was the first incarnation of the L.A. Rams that captured the city’s most recent football championship, a 1951 title that predated the AFL-NFL merger. In other words, while St. Louis may still be reeling from the Rams’ departure three years ago, this year’s club has a chance to bring glory back to the West Coast — and far earlier than anyone expected.

Now you might be thinking why is Jack bringing up non football stuff.  There’s a method to my madness.  It’s called conspiracy theory.  This game has become East Coast versus West Coast.  You might even argue it’s the reason for “the call” that possibly cost the Saints the NFC Championship.  But either way, when thinking about referees and penalties in big moments.  The west coast has enough pull as the East.  I’m not saying it will be a factor, but if nothing else, there is potential for equal pull on both sides of the political isle.

And that’s why I love the Rams in Super Bowl LIII.   Good luck with whoever you bet on and we hope to see you all in a league soon at Wannamakeabet.com

Greg Norton is a staff writer for Wannamakeabet.com

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