Brackets Blown Up? Come Join The March Madness League

Ready for a little March Madness League action at the site? Bracket Games are cute, but your brackets always blow up and end up in the trash.  Plus,  it’s not nearly enough action for true degenerates like us.  Nothing like having a bankroll of units and firing in on every single game on the card with straight bets, parlays and teasers.

Join the 18th Annual March Madness League at WANNA this week. Here are the league details:

League starts today and runs through the National Championship Game.

  • All College Basketball Games are eligible for action, including NIT games!
  • Entry fee is $20.00
  • Payouts will be 100% of the net pot and 70%/20%/10%
  • Start with 50,000 units, get another 50,000 units after each weekend of the tournament. So even if you blow up, you’re on to the next round with a fresh 50K each Monday.
  • Invites waiting for you when you log-in to the site.

Any questions, let us know. Good luck, this will be a great test of bankroll management and self-restraint and, of course, give you something to do for the next three weeks.

No purchase necessary.  For free entry void of all services contact

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