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Q: Can I get paid to be a commissioner?

A: Yes, if you are a new commissioner at the site, we have a program where you can earn money through your recruitment efforts.

Q: What about as a paid employee of  Is that possible?

A: Yes.  You need to show us that you are capable of bringing people into your league and bringing other leagues to the site.  Once you do this, we can discuss a salaried position where you can draw a salary.

Q: How much can I make and how exactly does your model for paying commissioners work?

A: Members of our site typically pay the Commissioner (you) to hold the league ENTRY FEE. This is like most fantasy leagues that are out there. That ENTRY FEE can be any number and is usually decided by the group. Most entry fees into leagues range between $50 and $500. Either way, we don’t collect or hold this money, you do.

Now, here’s how we make money together. charges an ANNUAL SITE USAGE FEE to each user who participates  in a league.  The standard fee per person on an annual basis is $60.00.  But this SITE FEE really depends on what your league ENTRY FEE is. For example, if everyone is putting in $500 ENTRY FEE to play, than a $60 SITE FEE is reasonable. But if you’re only playing for $50 ENTRY FEE, then you can’t charge $60 site fee, that fee should be adjusted down to something around $20. Our typical arrangement with Commissioners is to charge roughly 10% of your entry fee as the site fee.  Either way, and this is how you make money, for every person you bring into the site, we’ll pay you 50% of that SITE FEE revenue. For example, let’s say you start a league and get 100 people to join and each player puts in $500 bucks ENTRY FEE. The SITE FEE would be $60/person. That’s 100 x $60 = $6,000. We’ll pay you $3,000. If you get 1,000 people into your league, you make $30,000. If you get 10,000 people, you make 300K. If your friends only want to play for $50 bucks each, than the site fee should be $10. If you get 100 people to pay the SITE FEE of $10, we make $1,000 and give you $500. Hopefully this makes sense, if not, let us know.

Q: What is a good amount of people to be in my league?

A: League are typically between 20-100 people.  There are some leagues that have fewer and some that have many more, but generally around 50 people is about the average.  I think the key is to start with a core group of people, and then let them tell their friends, and so on, and so on, to achieve maximum scale.

Q: How do I collect the site fee?

A: When you send invitations out, your league members will receive them along with instructions for becoming a member of the site, if they are not already.  Once they log in to the site, they will see a radio button there with the name of your league and the price for entry.  In order to gain entry into the league, they will proceed through our payment process flow (currently powered by PayPal) and once they pay the fee, they will be automatically inserted into the league.

Q: What customizations can I make to the league?  Are there any?

A: Yes.  You can start out with as many units as you want.  You can also choose to receive more units at certain intervals, like at the end of each month or after week 8 of the NFL season or three times per year.  You can also reset everyone in the league back to zero at the end of a certain time period that you see fit.  We will handle this for you manually with our customer service reps.

Q; How long does my league last?

A: This is entirely up to you.  It can last all season long, which is the most common format, or it can run for the entire year if it’s across all sports that we have available for action.

Q: Is this legal?

A: This is 100% legal and we are a US Corporation who have been operating in the US since 1999.  We make money off of subscriptions to our service, which is similar to an annual software license fee that you might pay to other internet service providers.

Q: Would you provide promotional material for me to use?

A: If you are interested in promoting our game off-line, for example by recruiting new players at tailgate parties or in sports bars, across campus or other places where you think large numbers of people may be interested in joining your league, we want to support you.  We think of this as phase II of becoming a commissioner.  First, get your league going with your friends and colleagues by word of mouth and your own personal network skills with social media.  If you are then ready to branch out and recruit more players, we will print promotional cards for you that have unique codes when your recruited players register, they will put this code in and their revenue will be attributed to you as a commissioner.  This is an excellent way to make money but we don’t want you to run out of the gate and start promoting the game to people you don’t know.  Prove it works with your own personal network.

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