Tim Tebow, Super Bowl 51 Ring Auction, and Odes to Lebron James/Joel Embiid

by Wayne Yeaw – Wannamakeabet Staff Writer

Well, Tim Tebow has been invited to practice with the New York Mets. Not bad Mr. Tebow, but the last player to do this went down in flames and never quite recovered. Do you remember Bo Jackson? Mr. Tebow, I know you pray and believe in God and pray and even get down on one knee and cross your heart for your faith and I do not tear you down for that, I think a public display of your faith is an awesome thing and if I had your stage I would do it too. But, the stats I saw from you playing baseball are not that good, maybe for a pitcher, but an outfielder? (4 for 27 (.148), one walk and eight strikeouts in nine games during spring training) I would error on the side of please go and get additional training for hitting and then solely focus on baseball. If this is the sport you are heading into then please make every effort not to embarrass yourself and have every writer and commentator let the world know how abysmal you are at the position you have picked to play. Just from experience, stick with it because .that is the only way you really become good at something.

This caught my eye and I thought it was strange, but the winners of Super Bowls can order additional rings for family members. Okay, that is understandable, if I was a professional athlete then my family would have my jerseys and anything else I could give to them because they supported me. But, I was just thinking that auctioning off a Super Bowl ring is strange especially if it was the ring you received for the amazing comeback that was made last year. My question is, Why? And where is the money going to? I was hoping to hear that a children’s hospital or a cancer center would receive the money, but who knows? I might dig deeper into this because this is just strange.

Joel Embiid, take this simple advice. Ask your mom if Rhianna is the proper female to be associated with. Please do this because I can tell you from way up in the rafters, she is not. She has more issues than all magazines in the world. Man, why get with someone who has gone back to the Chris Brown who beat the snot out of her time and time again? Please do yourself a favor, speak to the women in your family and ask them if she is proper woman material for your life. Your mom and grandmother love you deeply.

Lebron James, yes, you are a great basketball player. You and Cavs beat the Warriors a few years ago when the nation thought that the Warriors would clean up the venues with you and your team. Remember that? So, as I read and read how you had a down night or you were garbage during one game or a couple of days…..Remember that everyone has a down day, remember it takes a team to win or lose, but you are still part of a team. Focus on yourself and how you are before heading out to the venue. If you do not then the other team will tear you apart and you will be less effective.

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