The NFL, Fantasy Football, The Madden Curse, and The Patriots

Here we are in the last couple of weeks before the Super Bowl and there has been controversy after controversy in regards to the NFL. But, I won’t plague this with the political rantings from the left or right. I could go on for days in regards to kneeling or standing and why it is wrong or right to do so.

by Wayne Yeaw – Wannamakeabet Staff Writer

But, onto other things, for the first year I played fantasy football and although I thought I knew what to do or how to pick my team, I fell flat on my face. First it was the hurricane that hit Florida and the two teams that did not play were Miami and Tampa Bay, then I was plagued with injuries even before the year started. My brother helped me through the initial issues and it looked like I was going to have a decent season, but as it progressed. I ended up losing out on my number one which was Arron Rogers who was injured and so it went down from there. Completely awful, I could not believe for a moment that my place was in the cellar like the Cleveland Browns, yes, I made that reference. So sad and I will be back next year? Maybe……

Also, as anyone is knowledgable of the Madden Curse, well it did not seem to hinder Tom Brady who was on the cover of EA Sports Madden 18. If we believe in the curse then Tom should have been out like Arron Rogers and the Patriots should have been in the middle of the pack. Fortunately, New England came into this season ready to play another 16+ weeks and of course clinch another playoff spot in which the current atmosphere is that the officiating is “paid” off by Robert Kraft and the Patriots can do nothing wrong. Could that happen? Sure it can, but when I watch the highlights and see Rob Gronkowski catch pass after pass against the Steelers. I understand that most fans were ticked off at the officiating, but I would look at the secondary and ask, “Who is defending against number 87?” I understand he is a 265 Lb., 6’6” offensive marvel, but come on someone must have the ability to cover this guy? Do we need the rules of the game to be relaxed, so that we can have another Ronnie Lott? Any team would want someone like this, but I think he has been used exceptionally well by New England. I would even say that it is one of those combinations like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

As I close this, I will leave you with this thought, “ The sun shines on a dogs butt at least once in a while.” Which is how I am summing up the close of the NFL season, two teams will win, two teams will want it more than the other two teams, officials might or might not be bought out under the table, but in the end when it is all over, this will be the year where we will remember the kneeling, the controversy, the players who stood and respected other countries, but in turn disrespected the United States. In closing we can also recognize that we took the time to be with our families and spend time doing things that really mattered instead of watching the NFL.

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