The Time Is Now For Jersey. Senators Press Gov To Sign Gaming Law

Hurrican Sandy pushed the state over the edge in terms of needing more money, now Senators are really getting behind Gov Christy to pass the proposed Gaming laws.  Who cares if the NCAA threatens to pull games from the Garden State, what games do they host anyway?  Click here for the full details from

The Fed Shuts Down A Survival Pool in Missouri

For those of us who thought our cash was safe in these massive survival pools, we might have another thing coming.  The IRS paid a visit to a big pool in Missouri today and ceased all the funds.  It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.  Read more here..  

Bud Selig and NFL Lawyers Just Lied Under Oath

What kind of world are we living in when the commissioners of major league baseball and the NFL openly claim they are unaware of people betting on their respective sports.  You weren’t aware that people are playing fantasy football for money!?!?!?  The New Jersey Sports betting legalization saga continues. Commissioners offer perplexing testimony in their …

New Jersey Has No Idea What It’s Doing: League Commissioners

Here they come again, this time with the strongest language yet against Gov Christy and his attempts to legalize sports betting in New Jersey.  According to David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, Chris Christy “has no idea what he’s doing”.  We shall see. Pro leagues, NCAA file brief against New Jersey betting law – ESPN …