Week 16 NFL Predictions – Christmas Selections

Here are the Week 16 NFL Predictions – and Christmas Selections from Wannamakeabet.com.  I’m coming off a hot week last week going 4-1 and here’s who I have my eye on this week.  My season record is now 30-30-1.  Let’s see if we can end strong with a winning record starting with a Christmas special:

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Vikings / Saints Under 51 

The game on Christmas day completes the fact that we have had an NFL game on every single day of the week during this crazy covid season of 2020.  This NFC featured matchup on Christmas features the Saints and their top defense against the Vikings and their running game.  The Saints will continue to be sluggish on offense with the absence of Michael Thomas and Drew Brees busted up shoulder.   So I’m thinking there is going to be a lot of running and a lot of dinking and dunking as Drew cannot effectively throw the ball down the field and, there’s nobody to throw it to.  Feels like a lot of Alvin Kamara carries.  On the flip side, the Vikes will try and pound the ball on the ground no matter how often they are stopped.  This one stays low score as people also have their minds on getting out of dodge to get some family time as well.

Arizona -5 over San Francisco

Did you know coach Shanahan told the 49ers players that they can spend Christmas at home (in the bay area) and then come back for the game on Saturday?  How generous off him.  Unfortunately that’s the equivalent of waving the white flag on this game.  They had everyone healthy in week 1 in this same matchup and they lost that game.  Now the 49ers have nobody and Zona is playing for a possible wildcard and what do you think will happen?  Not sure if it’s going to be Mullens or Bethard but either way, it won’t matter, Zona gets the job done and wins by at least a TD.

Raiders / Dolphins over 47

Seems like fair market value on this game is in the low 50s and here we have ourselves a tasty little 47.  Same old story for the Raiders.  They can’t stop anyone at all and they have amazing offensive weapons in all specialty positions.  Yes, Miami has a strong pass defense but they are susceptible to the run and Josh Jacobs will be coming down hill at them.  The Dolphins are fighting for their playoff lives and Tua will have a day and I just see this ending up in the high 20s for both sides in an easy over.

Atlanta Falcons + 10.5 over Kansas City

Apparently nobody in Vegas or New Jersey cares that the Chiefs can’t cover because they continue to make them two score favorites week in and week out against much weaker opponents.  Here come the never say quit Falcons who will keep pace with this lazy offense and soft defense right till the very end.  Chiefs win but as usual, the back door will be swinging the whole time and will never close.

Tennessee / Green Bay over 52.5.  

Horrific defenses for this Sunday night special which should be a great game but if nothing else, high scoring.  The Packers love to dog it on defense.  And the Titans don’t even have one to speak of.  If the Lions can shred these guys imagine with the Packers are going to do.  Despite this alarming number, I see the score going into the 60s on this one as neither team has shown they can protect a lead or be kept down.


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