Week 17 NFL Predictions – Playoff Time

The last week of the regular season in 2020 has arrived.    Another solid week last week for the commish going 3-2.  Let’s see if we can end the regular season on a strong note with the following play week 17 NFL Predictions.

Dallas -1.5 over Giants

The Dallas defense has finally started to ball in the last month.  Add that to this already potent defense and that’s why they have been playing above league average to end this season.  Even a healthy Daniel Jones won’t solve the Giant offensive line problems today.  Dallas wins and Washington loses and they get the East.

Buffalo -2 over Miami

The worst Covid news of the week has to be Fitzpatrick of Miami coming down with the virus.  Tua is not ready to win a game of this magnitude against the hottest team in the AFC fighting for a #2 seed in the playoffs.  Bills win easy today.

Pittsburgh +9.5 over Cleveland

All Browns fans know how tough this will be today.  It’s been 18 years.  True, the receivers are healthy and playing.  True, the Steelers are resting Ben and several other key players.  But Mason Rudloph is capable and the decimated Browns linebackers and secondary is poised to give up a lot of points again.  This one comes down to the wire the Pittsburgh getting more than a TD is a gift!

Chicago Bears +5 over Green Bay

I know the Packers have owned the Bears over the past several years.  And I know they are still fighting for a #1 seed in the NFC (they would need help) even though they don’t need to win this game.   But the Bears are fighting to get into the playoffs and have been playing great ball over the past month putting up 30 points a game.  That’s because of their offensive line play.  The Packers are weak on defense and will be lucky to get out of here with a win today.

Arizona – 3 over the Rams

The Cardinals need to win today or they’re out.  The Rams are going to be missing their starting QB (Goff), starting WR (Cupp) and likely their starting running back as well (Akers).  I know the Rams own the Cards and McVeigh has never lost to them but that all changes today as Zona wins and gets into the playoffs with a Bears loss.

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