NFL Week 15 Predictions – Ram It Home

Here are my NFL Week 15 Predictions.  I’m glad I waited a few extra days this week because injury information is more critical than ever this time of year.  Here’s who I’m backing this Sunday.

Miami – 1.5 over Patriots –

I would like Miami in this spot even if New England was a playoff team and this year I like it even more.  I’m not saying teams in must win situations must win, but I think that’s just enough incentive today to keep Miami’s head in this game and Devante Parker playing certainly helps this cause.

Rams – 17 over Jets

Let’s keep this simple.  The Rams have the number one defense in the NFL.   The Jets offense is ranked… 32.  How do you think this is going to go?  Darnold’s ankle isn’t right.  Linebackers on the IR.  They are not scraping into games.  Don’t count the Raiders game, that’s the 31st ranked defense in the league.   Throw in a long travel for the Jets and this is crazy blowout today.

Arizona / Philly over 49.5

Hurts started and won the game last week.  Great.  We got that out of the way.  But Philly’s injuries are still there.  Nobody on this Philly defense can cover anyone on this offense and I think this total can’t be high enough.  Philly has so many weapons on offense and they keep getting healthy.  The problem on both sides here is coaching and that bodes well for the over.  I don’t think you can make this total high enough but 49.5 is a good starting point.

Chiefs – 2.5 over Saints

My handicap on this one is that Drew Brees needs to be in this game in order for them to win it.  And he’s not there.   Michael Thomas out for the year doesn’t help.  It’s just that despite the Saint defense being very solid, the Chiefs and Tyreek are going to pop off at some point.  And I just don’t entirely trust Tasum Hill to keep the Saints in the game against such a high quality opponent.  It’ll be a close game but the Chiefs have the coach, the QB, the WR, the TE.  They have everything they need to get the win here.

Browns – 6 over Giants

The Browns absolutely lit up the Titans.  Then they lit up the Ravens.  Next up, the Giants.  So the question is, are the Giants capable of going shot for shot against Cleveland?  I don’t think so.  Daniel Jones is at best hobbled and at worst out of the game.  That leaves former Brown Colt McCoy who was cut from Browns five years ago.  The hard loss to the Ravens provides just enough incentive for a lot of focus this week for Cleveland to beat up a weak opponent and get right.

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