NFL Super Bowl LVI Prediction


Ready for the NFL Super Bowl LVI Prediction?  We have reached the final game of the NFL Season at  Unless you’re living under a rock you know that the Super Bowl is tonight and goes off the betting board at 6:30 PM EST.

Here are some final thoughts before the game kicks off tonight:

  • Final Advice – With only one game left, there’s no more room for error if you’re still alive to win the cash.
    • The game may not kick off exactly at 6:30 PM EST but that’s when it goes off the board.  Do not wait until the last minute to place your bets.
    • Go for it.  Many have lost a league trying to be conservative in the final game.
    • If you’re in the lead, do the math on what the chasers would need to catch you and assume they will place the bet.
    • Don’t bluff.  That has proven to be a weak strategy.
    • If you’re chasing from way behind, you will likely be betting and rooting for the Bengals.  The Cincinnati moneyline and total parlay currently pays 4.3/1
    • Parlays pay more than reverses
    • Teasers are great for getting you to the dance but straight bets and parlays win leagues.
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  • Predictions for the Super Bowl- See below


We have arrived at the final game of the 2021-2022 NFL Season.  The year has been a bit of a wash for the commish but we sure did have fun. I have been riding the 50% win percentage line for most of the season. Championship weekend two weeks ago was the same old story as I split and went 1-1 taking the Chiefs and 49ers.   Cincy covered once again and continues their incredible run right into the big game this Sunday.


Cincinnati Bengals +4 over LA Rams


When it comes to handicapping a Super Bowl, you have to go into the game with certain assumptions.  The first one is, there is no value in taking either team or the total.   Professional gamblers do not bet a lot of money on the Super Bowl.  At least not on the pointspread or the total.  They may find a prop or two that is improperly priced but they stay away from the game.  In general, the NFL betting markets have become incredibly efficient and this game is the single most efficient market of the year.  Ask any professional handicapper or bookmaker what the line should be and they would all say 4 and 48 for this game.  People who bet a lot of money on the Super Bowl are typically squares.  Or degenerates.  Rich people who want to plop down a huge sum to get their name in the paper or wealthy fans of the teams who are playing in the big game.


The second assumption is that the team who wins this game almost always covers.   In fact, In the 28 Super Bowls that featured a short point spread (six points or less), the line has never actually come into play at the end of the game.  And so this is very fitting for the final game of public and private leagues at  That said, you just need to be on the right side in the big game to cash the big prize.  And to that we say, good luck.


Given there is no value in the line or total there’s only one thing to do.  Latch on to a narrative that you think will play out during the game.  For me, I need to start off by admitting I have been wrong about the Bengals starting from Week 17 of the regular season.  I believe this was entirely driven by my personal bias being a lifetime Browns fan.  Browns and Bengals fans don’t hate each other the way they both hate the Steelers, but we don’t find ourselves rooting for each other very often.  Never the less, I was wrong about Cincy during this entire incredible post-season run.  It started with the Chiefs who lost the game on the road laying 3.5 in week 17.  Then they covered the 6 points against the Browns in a meaningless season finale game but still lost 21-16.  Then they hosted their first playoff game in forever and beat the Raiders as a five point chalk.   Then they beat the #1 seed Tennessee Titans as six point dogs despite young Joe being sacked 8 times.  Then Patrick Mahomes had the worst half of his life and flat choked the AFC Championship game.   How did all of this happen?  There’s one simple answer.   The Cincinnati defense. Joe Burrow has been magical but the defense has been the unsung heroes of this run to the Super Bowl who do not get nearly the credit they deserve.   And that is the narrative that resonates with me for this Super Bowl.  Defense still wins championship.  Cincy is the spoiler.  The former Buckeye from Ohio at the wheel.  So many people think the Rams are a team of destiny, which is exactly why they won’t be.   This was one of the most bizarre NFL seasons in recent memory as league parody has reached an all time high.   But the icing on the cake is coming tonight when the Rams lose the Super Bowl at home in Super Bowl LVI.

Good luck with your selections and thanks for an incredible season

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