Sports Arbitrage Betting – A Sure Bet

What is Sports Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting includes betting on all possible results of a sporting event in order to benefit regardless of the outcome. This is possible because bookmakers have differing perspectives (and therefore odds) on the possibility of an event. The invention of betting exchanges has allowed us to gamble both for and against outcomes, making arbitrage accessible to the public.

Arbitrage bets are usually referred to as “sure bets” because they guarantee a profit.

Arbitrage betting requires a higher level of knowledge, but everyone can learn about it very quickly since there is a lot of information about sure bets on the internet.

We can earn quickly by using the difference in odds offered by bookmakers and betting exchanges. An arb is a term for this mismatch.

How to take advantage of Arbitrage Betting?

The best way to take advantage of using an arbitrage betting strategy is, obviously, by finding arbitrage opportunities. The amount of profit that you can make with arbitrage betting will highly depend on your bankroll and the amount of money you stake on those opportunities.

The more opportunities you find, the more money you can wager and the more money you can make. This is not a passive income since you have to constantly have to find new opportunities.

The best way to find arbitrage betting opportunities is by using fast arbitrage betting software. This tool is basically necessary if you want to be successful and to make a decent profit.

Arbitrage betting software will provide sure bet opportunities constantly. You just need to be fast because those opportunities don’t last forever.

Example of Arbitrage Betting

Betting on all outcomes with a single bookmaker does not offer sports betting arbitrage opportunities, since the bookmaker will always build a profit margin into their odds. Between multiple bookmakers, there are sports betting arbitrage opportunities where the arbitrage betting formula can be used.

You won’t find arbitrage opportunities by betting on all outcomes with a single bookmaker, because they will always make a profit margin on their odds. You will find sports arbitrage betting opportunities between multiple bookmakers.

An example of how arbitrage betting looks like:

  Djokovic Federer Profit
Bookie 1 1.3 3.93 102.4%
Bookie 2 1.42 2.9 104.9%
Betting on Djokovic in Bookie 2, and Federer on Bookie 2 1.420 3.93 4.1% profit margin


This example shows that if we bet $100 on Djokovic at 1.42 odd, we would profit $142 if he wins. By then placing $36.13 on Federer at 3.93 odd, we would match the expected return of our Djokovic bet (or just shy of $141.99).

We would wager $136.13 in total in order to guarantee a return of $5.86.

Arbitrage Betting Calculator

Arbitrage betting calculator is a tool that helps you to calculate how much you need to stake in order to assure a profit. It may be difficult to do it on your own, so that’s why an arbitrage betting calculator is necessary for success. The hard part of the job will be done for you if you use this tool.

You Can’t Find Arb Betting Opportunities On Your Own

Finding arb opportunities is the most challenging part of this betting strategy. It’s almost impossible to have 10 sportsbooks open at the same time and continually refresh them in order to find these opportunities. You will probably give up immediately and that’s where arbitrage betting software takes place.

Arbitrage Betting Software Is Necessary!

In order to be successful in arbitrage betting you will need sports betting arbitrage software. This software will provide continually arb opportunities and that way the hard part of the job will be done for you. You just have to calculate how much to wager on specific events and to make profit. Fortunately, there is free arbitrage betting software that will do the job for you!

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal?

As an arbitrage bettor, you are simply placing legal bets on sports events at multiple bookmakers, on odds you find favorable, in order to maximize your profits. Arbitrage betting is a legal activity, it has no legal consequences where sports betting is legal.

The only thing that bookmakers can do to prevent you from arbing is to ban your account, but there are ways to avoid account restrictions.

How To Avoid Account Restrictions

The key to avoid account restrictions is to play smart. Sportsbook limits are set by humans; therefore, to be limited or banned, you need to make it exceptionally clear to a sportsbook that your account is an arbitrage betting account. A human must figure out that you are using an arbitrage betting strategy.


I have answered the most common question on the internet about arbitrage betting. I covered things like what is arbitrage betting, how to take advantage of arb betting, examples, arbitrage calculator, do you need arbitrage betting software and how to avoid account restrictions. If you play by those rules you will make a great side income. Good luck arbers.

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