NFL Week 13 Predictions – Battle of the AFC 8-3s

Our NFL Week 13 Predictions are ready now that week 12 is finally in the books.  The Steelers Ravens game is finally done after nearly a week delay and not surprisingly, the Steelers remain undefeated.  Let’s get into this week’s card as we kick-off the final month of the regular season in this craziest seasons of all time due to Covid19.

Last week, I split going 2-2.  I stand by the Handicap and was so disappointed in coach Anthony Linn of the Chargers.  He cannot be long for the head coach position after the decisions he made at the end of the Buffalo game and I am likely done betting on him or the Chargers for the rest of the year.  The Colts defense didn’t show up against the Titans and that cost me the game and the cover.  And as far as the Falcons go, you’re welcome for nailing that properly.  And even though the Chiefs should have blown out the Bucs on the road, they don’t have the defense to keep a good offense from coming back and backdooring them.  Speaking of back-doors, check out our TikTok for what happened at the end of the Eagles game if you want a good laugh.

Here’s who the commish has his eye on this week.

Raiders – 8 over Jets

Talk about a great get-right game.  Name your score Raiders.  Horrible defense on both sides of the ball here but Jets clearly much worse and zero ability to rush the passer.  Raiders will be super focused here after getting their doors blown off in Atlanta last week and spending the rest of the week rubbing their ass wondering if they’re for real.  And suddenly, they are on the outside looking in on the playoff picture.  A win here and Cleveland loss puts them right back where they want to be.  They will bust the slump in a big way here and blow the Jets out of the building so get this before it goes to 8.5.   Wheel it in the teasers if you love the trash.

Browns + 6 over Titans

A healthy pass rush and run stopping front four is what is waiting for the Titans this Sunday in Nashville.   That means, to some degree, Henry is going to be slowed down.  On the opposite of the ball, the Titans cannot rush the Quarterback.  At all.  Jadeaveon Clowney is a bust.  And that’s the script to beating these Browns. (See Steelers this year) So what we have here is a game that favors Cleveland.  Throw in the fact that the Browns have been winning close games leads me to believe they will be in this game until the end and can possibly win it although I do give the slight edge to Tennessee.  For gods sakes if the Bengals can beat these guys then the Browns can.  Granted, the Browns are over-rated, and what scares me is that they have actually been outscored this year despite their record, but that is due to a couple of blowouts by Baltimore and Pittsburgh.  Otherwise they have been in every game and won the close ones.

Seattle – 10.5 over Giants

Colt McCoy is starting for the Giants.  Let that sink in for a few seconds.  This is a worse drag out blast from the past than we’ve seen from any other team this year.  Makes you wonder why Colin isn’t getting a call but I digress.  An already struggling offense probably won’t score much here.  Meanwhile, the Seattle pass rush and defense is playing with a bit of a chip on their shoulder in the last couple of weeks after being the league embarrassment to start the season.  Seattle wins big and easy.   Will the back door be open in the fourth quarter?  Probably.   But Colt McCoy just doesn’t have the arms or legs to do anything about it especially because they’ll likely be playing from behind.  The only way this doesn’t get there is if Seattle shows up unmotivated and sloppy and I think Pete will have these guys ready at home.

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