NFL Week 12 Quick Wrap

The Commish goes 2-2 yesterday thanks to Anthony Lin.  Here’s a quick NFL Week 12 Wrap of every game including Thanksgiving and my hot takes on the impact to sports bettors everywhere.

  • Defense.  That’s how Washington does it.   And Dallas is falling to pieces.
  • DeShaun Watson will shred any team in the league right now if you don’t have a pass rush.   Houston getting better every week.
  • The Bears still don’t have a quarterback.
  • Chiefs backers probably broke something in their living rooms after blowing the doors off the Bucs in the first half only to see them come all the way back to cover by a hook.
  • Roger Godell said F-you to the entire Denver organization yesterday for not following protocols around Covid.  Next up, Ravens.  If only our schools treated the teachers unions the same way.
  • The 49ers were a very live dog yesterday with smart bettors at WANNA.  Nick Mullins is not a far cry from Jimmy G when everyone else is healthy.
  • The Falcons are still damn good at home and the commish was right about how motivated the Raiders would be (read: not at all).
  • Anthony Lin and the Chargers absolutely destroyed bettors yesterday on both the over and the outright cover against the Bills.  That was some of the worst late game decision making you’ll see and won’t soon be forgotten.
  • The Giants continue to show grit each and every week with another (barely) win and are very much alive to win the division.
  • Payback’s a bitch for Rivers and the Colts as the Titans took them behind the woodshed yesterday.  Henry for MVP?  The guy can’t be stopped.  Please get healthy Myles.
  • Browns suffered a bad beat yesterday against the Jags.  First the 4th down chain was read incorrectly then a phantom call on 4th and 10 where they got a stop that lead to a back door cover TD.    Still, 8-3 is 8-3.
  • Teddy Bridgewater will not leave you or Carolina hanging.  If he’s starting, the Panthers are a live dog anywhere in the league.  With or without McCaffrey.
  • Cam Newton always seems to do just enough for New England and Billy Bill.  New England getting a field goal or less seems like an attractive offer every time you see it.
  • The Jets.  Are.  Horrible.   Can’t imagine they’ll win a game this year.  And I don’t blame Darnold and Trevor is not the answer.  This is an organizational train wreck.

Looking forward to two more games before the week ends on Tuesday in Pittsburgh.  What a season.

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