Thanksgiving NFL Predictions

Thanksgiving NFL Predictions for 2020 are locked and loaded.  The commish is licking his wounds after a difficult Sunday in the NFL last week.  But you need a short memory in the NFL and the commish has one.  Here’s who I like on Turkey Day this year.

Detroit +3 over Houston

DeShaun Watson, what a stud.  Fine, I’ll give you that.  But he is great in spite of this team, who despite beating the Pats last week, is still terrible.  They have also been playing well for the past three weeks, I’ll give you that too.  But here’s where it all comes crashing down and there’s solid value betting against them getting a home dog on Thanksgiving.  People are in disbelief that the Lions put up a goose egg for most of the game last week in Carolina against a backup quarterback but that can happen to almost any team in this league.  Stafford’s finger is feeling better and I realize that Galloday won’t be back.   I realize their lifetime record on Thanksgiving is 37-40-2 but I think that gets one better tomorrow and don’t forget the Lions are still alive in the playoff hunt in the NFC and that makes this a bit of a must win game tomorrow.

Washington +3 over Dallas

The entire country is going to bet on Dallas tomorrow.  But I’m not.   I’ll be rooting for the Football Team’s defense and for the feel good Alex Smith story to continue.  Now that Dallas beat the Vikings and ruined nearly every teaser at and ended many Survivor pools, expectations are suddenly back that Dallas is going to win the NFC East.   But guess what, both of these teams are 2-7 and they both need to win.   I will give the Dallas defense credit for showing up the past few weeks but they are still ranked near the bottom of the league for the season and Washington is ranked 6th.  This should actually be a good game, classic NFC East battle.

Pittsburgh -5.5 over Baltimore

Sadly, this won’t be a good game this time around.  The Ravens have a serious Covid problems on top of the fact they aren’t playing well.  Four players have tested positive and two coaches and there could be more before this one kicks off.  The Steelers are arguably the best team in the league and they’re completely healthy to boot.  The Ravens cannot seem to get Lamar or their offense going and dare I say, the defenses around the league may have figured them out based on what the Titans did in the AFC Championship game last year.  As much as I hate Pittsburgh as a Browns fan, I won’t stand in front of this train tomorrow.


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