Happy Sunday: NFL Sports Betting League Invitations Are Waiting

Happy Sunday, quick reminder that your invitations to the NFL Sports Betting League is waiting for you when you log into your account at Wannamakeabet.com or when you join for the first time.  We are the only game online that lets you manage a bankroll of units and bet on real games in real time.  Get 50,000 units and try and grow your bankroll between today and tomorrow.  Whomever has the most units at the end of the contest is the winner!  See below for all the important details.

* All members of the site will have invites waiting for them when they log-in on Tuesdays.
* All NFL games are eligible for action this week.
* Each week, the league starts on Thursday night and ends after the NFL Monday Night Football game.
* Whomever has the most points at the end of the league wins the pot. We payout 1st(70%), 2nd(20%), and 3rd(10%)
* Members start with 50,000 units. All bets are eligible for action. No limits. No minimums. No maximums.
* No limit to the number of entries. * Entry fee is $20.00. Payout will be 100% of the net pot minus a 10% technology fee to provide the software as a service. * That’s it, good luck with your selections!

Read our NFL Predictions for this Sunday.  Our machine learning algorithms combined with 30 years of handicapping experience offers up winners every week. 

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