NFL Playoffs Division Round Picks – Jags A Live Dog

NFL Playoffs Division Round Picks – Jags A Live Do

The NFL post-season is reaching a peak this weekend at  We have four amazing games on our doorstep and we’re ready for action across all leagues.  Listen to our Podcast on Spotify and Apple music with Jack and Cello to get a data driven, bourbon infused deep dive opinion for all four games on the card.  Here’s everything going on at the site this weekend:

Website Updates

  • Invites are still out for the NFL Playoffs Cash League.  Just log in, accept the invite and you’re in.  Everyone received their weekly 50K points this morning.  Member “JDAVIS4” currently has the lead with 125,000 points.
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  • Dallas Cowboys / San Francisco 49ers preview from NFL analyst Gabriel Rauch.
  • New York Giants / Philadelphia Eagles preview from NFL analyst Thomas Quaynor.
  • More previews coming this weekend all posted on our blog, check them out here. 

AND NOW… NFL Divisional Games Commish Picks

The Commish went 4-2 on the podcast and blog plays last week but only 1-2 in this column.  Here’s who I like in all four games this weekend.  Once again, for a full preview of every single game on the Wildcard Weekend card, make sure you listen to our podcast. All lines are from at the time of this newsletter.

Jacksonville Jags + 9 over Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs achilles heel is their defense.  It will be the reason they don’t advance to the Super Bowl this year and today starts the playoff exposure.  I have the Chiefs ranked 5th in my power rankings and the Jags 3rd but the Chiefs defense is ranked 16th.  We saw so many times this season that teams were running up and down the field on them and they were not elite offenses.  It was teams like Denver and Houston, who often couldn’t even get a first down against other teams.  Doug Peterson showed us all last week that he brings elite level coaching to big time games in that comeback against the Chargers.  I see this coming down to the wire and Chiefs winning by a very narrow margin or losing outright to to the charmed life of Trevor.

Philadelphia Eagles -7.5 over New York Giants

As much as I would love this to be a great game, I don’t see it playing out that way.  The Giants rush defense is ranked LAST (32nd) in my power rankings and with the assumption that Jalen Hurts is healthy, they should be poised to run the ball down the Giants throats tonight.   The G-men had a cupcake schedule this year and I’m not impressed by the win against the Vikings, who I had ranked 31st despite their record.  I know it’s hard to beat a team three times in a year but it’s also hard to kick your brother’s ass when he’s so much bigger and stronger than you and he’s done it most of your life.

Buffalo Bills -5.5 over Cincinnati Bengals

The Bills are a team of destiny this year and this is the end of the road for Cincy.  The Bengals looked horrible last week against Baltimore and arguably should have lost that game if it weren’t for a foolish play by Huntley and Cincy having the incredible fortune of not only stuffing a goal line stand but ending up going 99 yards for a TD afterwards.  Offensive line stalwarts LT Jonah Williams and RG Alex Cappa could not have picked a worse time to get injured since the Bengals already don’t run the ball well (ranked 13th) and they have had a tendency all year to give up sacks (44 total).  The key to this game is not giving Joe time to throw the ball and I think Buffalo will do just that.  Additional value on this one since they struggled against Miami last week.  The Bills roll and wreck teasers on the road to the AFC Championship.


Dallas Cowboys +4 over San Francisco 49ers.

Dak had his best game as a pro last week against a good Tampa defense and I look for that to continue this week.   This will be a defensive war without a lot of scoring where turnovers will be key.  Dallas can protect the QB, they gave up the 4th lowest amount of sacks this season and they’ll need that today against crazy Nick.   But for me this game comes down to the two Quarterbacks.   Dak has been playing in the league for 7 years, has the experience needed for a game of this magnitude and baby face Brock won’t be able to hide.  The strategy is simple for fat Mike.  Sell out against the run and make Purdy beat you with his arm.  If they can execute that and not turn it over than Dallas goes on to play Philly in the NFC Championship game next week.

Good luck with your selections, you’ll need it to cover this weekend!


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