NFL 2021 Week 15 Predictions

Sometimes in sports betting, things just doesn’t go your way.  That’s what happened to the commish last week.  The Browns blew the cover after leading by 24.  The Bills climbed back into the game after being down by 21 and then lost by six in OT.   The lone bright spot was the Rams as we head to week 15.  Four weeks left in the regular season and the record in this very tough year for everyone is now 34/67 (50.74%).  Here’s who I have my eye on for week #15 in our NFL 2021 Week 15 Predictions.

Buffalo Bills -13 over Carolina Panthers

In the last two weeks the Bills lost a bitterly cold battle on Monday night to the Patriots and then had to go on the road last week to play the world champion Bucs, in a game they almost came back and won.  They lost both games by one score against the leagues best.  And now, here comes Carolina, one of the leagues worst teams.  Cam Newton is great, from the five yard line.  I’m not trying to overthink this, just a woodshed type beating for the Bills to get right and get ready for the rematch against the Pats and the stretch run to the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers -1.5 over Tennessee Titans

A must win game for the Steelers at Heinz today against a team they can beat.   Until Derek Henry returns, the Titans continue to bide their time and win ugly or lose.  And this week, in a game against a team that is very evenly matched (I have Tennessee ranked 21 and Steelers 23), I find value in laying less than the standard -3 on a team with their back against the wall.  The Steelers must have this one, the Titans are just waiting for Henry to come back for the Playoffs and won’t be able to win ugly today.

Cincinnati Bengals + 3 over Denver Broncos

Another elimination game on this afternoon card as both teams come in at 7-6 and something’s gotta give.  I have Cinci ranked 21 and Denver 20 so this is dead even and I get the obligatory field goal as the road team.    But a quick look at the Denver injury list reveals it’s quite a bit longer and missing more essential pieces than Cincinnati’s.  It also includes running backs Melvin Gordon and Javante Williams.   Cinci gets the outright win or comes damn close but either way gets the cover.

Baltimore Ravens + 7 over Green Bay Packers

You may be thinking at this point in my weekly handicap that I’m only picking AFC North teams.  There is a bit of truth in that but it’s born out of motivation and need to win games to stay relevant in both the division race and the overall AFC.  When this line first came out they were getting 2.5, which I think is fair market and which I actually really liked the Packers.  But now we have them getting 7 points at home and I’m getting involved and backing them.  Despite not knowing what Lamar’s status is.  And I know Sammy Watkins has Covid too.   Clearly the market believes the Ravens secondary is so decimated that Rodgers / Adams will shred them, and there will be some of that.  But the Ravens are fighting for their division and playoff lives and they’ll have enough to keep this one within one score when it’s all said and done.

Seattle Seahawks + 7 over LA Rams

My NFC West dogs strategy has paid off handsomely this year and today might just be the icing on the cake.  Classic buy low sell high on both teams today as the records don’t matter here as there’s so much hatred between these two.  The country was in awe of the Rams last week after they took care of business in Arizona.  Meanwhile, Seattle has looked like their old selves the past two weeks.    I believe they’re better than my current ranking of #17 while the Rams sit at #9.  This game is always a brawl and Seattle keeps it within one score and potentially steals the win to wreck the teasers that the whole country will be holding tickets for.

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