NFL Playoffs Prediction – 2021 Divisional Round

This is always the best weekend of the NFL Season.  The Divisional Playoff Round in the NFL.  With that, we’re ready for our NFL Playoffs Prediction for this year and look to continue our strong trend as we head to the end of the year.

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Packers – 6.5 over Rams

The frozen tundra.  Aaron Rodgers.  Devante Adams.  I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not the Packers are over rated this season or whether they are truly this good and I’ve fallen, at least for this week, on the side that they are a very good team this year.  I realize the Rams have the best defense in the NFL and have a foil for Devante Adams in Jalen Ramsey.  But Ramsey won’t be able to stop Adams, he’ll just slow him down.  The Rams have played enough mediocre games that I don’t have confidence in them tomorrow.  Jarred Goff, thumb and all is going to be “bad Goff” tomorrow and buckle under the pressure of this road playoff game in a place that is incredibly difficult to win, even for the best of challengers.

Baltimore +2.5 over Buffalo

The Ravens are a well oiled machine right now, playing their best football of the season.  Covid problems in the rear view mirror.   Lamar got the monkey off his back and got the first W over their nemesis Titans last week and now feels like they’re about to explode.  The Bills defensive strategy is to make you beat them with the run.  Can you think of a better team to shred you with the run than Baltimore?  Josh Allen, love the kid, but we all know what he’s capable both good and bad.  The bad is that he could take a sack for 20 yards late in a game or throw a horrific pass into triple coverage and that’s exactly what I expect tomorrow.  He’s a promising young talent, but he’s not ready to take this step yet.  The Ravens advance to the AFC Championship game.

Cleveland Browns +10 over the Chiefs

This ain’t last year’s Chiefs and this ain’t your dad’s Browns.  The Chiefs have struggled the entire year and I’m still in shock over this number.  Apparently the betting public didn’t get the memo that they struggled all year long in being able to put teams away.  In fact, they barely won a lot of games against mediocre opponents.  Chiefs backers are saying, “They’re saving their best for the post season”, “Andy Reid off a bye”, “Most talented team in football”.  These all may be true but this is still too big of a spread.  Cleveland has confidence.  They have a deadly running attack and Baker Mayfield is statistically having a great season and has not been turning the ball over.  That’s due to both maturity and a coaching scheme that limits his exposure.  Browns get the easy cover on Sunday and possibly even get the win because late in the game, they will be able to run the ball with class and salt the clock away.  The Chiefs rely on their crazy come backs but if the Browns can run and hold the ball, there may not be enough time for that again.

New Orleans – 3 over Tampa

The only way to beat Tampa is with a good pass rush, and that’s what the Saints have in store for old Tom on Sunday in the last game of the weekend.  Drew Brees has just enough left in that old arm to think his way down the field, throw some dink and dunks to Kamara and the occassional mid range ball to Michael Thomas.  And the weakest part of the Tampa defense is in the middle of the field.  Should be easy to exploit for Drew.  The Tampa defense has shown major holes this season despite Arian’s reputation they just don’t have the run and pass stoppers to slow down this Saint offense.  Great first year for Tom in Tampa but it ends Sunday.  I realize he has had a great second half of the season but if you look at the competition it has generally been against the bottom half of the league against teams with little to no pass rush.  The Saints advance to yet another NFC Championship game against the Packers in Lambeau.

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