NFL Predictions – 9/20/20

Here are my NFL Predictions for 9/20/20, the second week of the NFL season.  No Covid-19 Cancellations yet so excited to see the season off and running without interruptions.  Here are the games and totals I have my eye on for this Sunday.

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Titans – 7.5 over Jacksonville – I think this gets get ugly pretty quickly.  I know it’s a division game but Minshew regresses to the mean in this one and comes back down to earth and gets spanked on the road.

Jets + 7 over San Francisco – This is either genius or completely stupid but the entire country is going to be on the 49ers in this game for Survivor Pools and that’s never a good thing.  Jets were humiliated last week in Buffalo and need getting a TD at home seems like a number they can cover.   49ers still with a Super Bowl hangover and I also like the Under 41.5 in this one.

Steelers – 7 over Denver – Big Ben coming home off a solid win in week #1 combined with Pittsburgh dominant home record and defense.   Drew Lock is going down hard and going down fast.

New England + 4 over Seattle – New England as a dog.  I’ll take that every time, even without Brady.  Bellichick will set up Cam not to blow the game and either win or keep this very close.  Seattle is over-rated and people are over-reacting to the blowout of Atlanta.

Carolina + 8 over Tampa – Talk about no value.  I’m shocked Tampa is giving this many points to the division rival.  Brady did not seem to be on the same page as his receivers last week against the Saints and I don’t see that much of an improvement this week.  Getting more than a TD in this game seems way too much.

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