College Football Betting – Strength of Schedule Matters

When it comes to College Football Betting – Strength of schedule matters and has long been a go-to college football bowl game handicapping tool. For a number of years, if you simply played on the team with the tougher SOS, you often came out ahead. But nowadays, betting into a simplistic angle like that blindly probably isn’t the sharpest of ideas.

Factors like strength of schedule are typically accounted for in the point spread and on the rare occurrence they aren’t, the betting markets are usually quick to spot the transgression. That said, knowing SOS is important and it can still offer some guidance for navigating the postseason. Some games, like LSU vs. Oklahoma, the SOS differential is minuscule and thus not much of a factor whereas there is a massive gap between a matchup like Miami (FL) and Louisiana Tech.

Below we listed every bowl matchup and the SOS discrepancy from largest to smallest based on Sagarin’s numbers.

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Independence – Miami-FL (64) vs. Louisiana Tech (140)

Quick Lane – Pittsburgh (53) vs. Eastern Michigan (112)

Outback – Minnesota (61) vs. Auburn (2)

Liberty – Kansas State (20) vs. Navy (73)

Alamo – Texas (4) vs. Utah (49)

Armed Forced – Tulane (62) vs. Southern Miss (111)

Las Vegas – Washington (42) vs. Boise State (86)

Fiesta – Clemson (60) vs. Ohio State (18)

Citrus – Michigan (12) vs. Alabama (54)

Cure – Liberty (132) vs. Georgia Southern (93)

Boca Raton – SMU (76) vs. Florida Atlantic (114)

Pinstripe – Michigan State (34) vs. Wake Forest (68)

Cheez-It – Washington State (51) vs. Air Force (85)

Music City – Mississippi State (7) vs. Louisville (41)

Camping World – Iowa State (8) vs. Notre Dame (38)

Orange – Virginia (59) vs. Florida (29)

New Mexico – Central Michigan (123) vs. San Diego State (95)

Military – North Carolina (52) vs. Temple (80)

Gasparilla – Marshall (107) vs. UCF (79)

New Orleans – UAB (136) vs. Appalachian State (108)

Cotton – Memphis (70) vs. Penn State (43)

Potato – Ohio (115) vs. Nevada (89)

Frisco – Kent State (98) vs. Utah State (72)

Redbox – Illinois (55) vs. California (32)

Holiday – USC (19) vs. Iowa (37)

Arizona – Georgia State (106) vs. Wyoming (90)

Camellia – Florida International (119) vs. Arkansas State (104)

Gator – Tennessee (48) vs. Indiana (63)

Alabama – Miami-OH (91) vs. UL-Lafayette (103)

Hawaii – BYU (66) vs. Hawaii (77)

Rose – Wisconsin (24) vs. Oregon (35)

Birmingham – Boston College (58) vs. Cincinnati (65)

Sun – Florida State (46) vs. Arizona State (39)

Belk – Kentucky (67) vs. Virginia Tech (74)

Texas – Oklahoma State (11) vs. Texas A&M (17)

Sugar – Baylor (28) vs. Georgia (23)

Bahamas – Buffalo (122) vs. Charlotte (126)

Peach – Oklahoma (13) vs. LSU (10)

First Responder – Western Michigan (110) vs. Western Kentucky (113)

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