Office Pools Arrive at Draft Kings in Jersey

The Office Pool.  It’s one of the oldest and easiest forms of sports betting across the country.  And today it hit the online scene when DraftKings introduced new contests to the casual bettor.

Pools is a gambling product which amounts to a betting contest. The game seems to advance DraftKings’ ongoing efforts to cater to casual customers across both DFS and sports betting platforms like

So what are the DraftKings Sportsbook Pools? Pools are basically giant parlay competitions in which bettors choose sides from a set menu of outcomes.

This weekend’s inaugural contest, for example, covers all the NFL games across Sunday and Monday. Bettors pick each game against the same spread, and entries are pooled.  Once the games are settled, winners are determined by the number of correct picks on their card.

Prizes are split into three tiers and shared by any player(s) who fall into that tier:

  • 13 correct – 50 percent
  • 12 correct – 30 percent
  • 11 correct – 20 percent

The debut contest carries a $20 entry and pays out at least $200,000. And unlike their DFS counterparts, sports betting contests don’t require fixed field sizes or payouts.

Making a handful of correct picks is far easier said than done.  In fact, for anyone who has ever played in an office pool you know that it’s nearly impossible!  This is especially true when you factor in point spreads as opposed to just trying to pick every game correctly.   Try hitting a six team parlay — let alone picking all 13 to run the board. But DraftKings Sportsbook is offering a share of a hundred grand to anyone who can do it this weekend in NJ.

Here’s co-founder Matt Kalish in the press release:

“Millions of Americans have been playing in sports pools for years with their friends and coworkers, and now one of the most popular ways that fans can get ‘skin in the game’ is live on DraftKings Sportsbook.

“DraftKings Sportsbook Pools features simple predictions, such as picking the winner of each NFL game weekly, combined with the potential to win jackpot-style prizes. This product will unquestionably make every game more exciting for DraftKings Sportsbook players of all levels.”

Join sports betting pools today.  Entry is free and we give away cash!


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