What Is A Teaser Bet in Sports Betting?

One of the most popular bets in sports betting is a Teaser bet.  This type of bet is common knowledge to most sports bettors.  In this article, we’ll explain the Teaser and show you how to place the bet here at Wannamakeabet.com with a short video.

A Teaser  bet is when you take two or more teams and combine them together while adding or subtracting points from the point spread of the game.  This gives a perceived advantage to the bettor.   Bettors can essentially move the line on the game to their advantage.  Since point spreads generally make a team a favorite or an underdog by a certain number of points, this let’s the bettor move the line to their advantage based on what they are betting.  Moreover, the more teams that you put into your Teaser bet, the more points you get to play with.  Now let’s look at an example to illustrate the bet and make it more clear.

Let’s start with two games and their point spreads from this coming week’s NFL card:

Eagles (-3) at Giants

Rams (- 7) at Broncos

In a two team teaser bet, you get to take 6 points and add them to the points you are getting (underdog) or laying (favorite) in the bet.   So.  In this example, if you want to bet a two team teaser bet with the Giants and the Rams.  This is what your bet will look like:

Giants (+3) + 6 points = Giants (+9)

Rams (-7) + 6 points = Rams (-1)

So now you have a two team teaser bet with the Rams (-1) and the Giants (+9).  The Giants have to either win or lose by less than 9 and the Rams have to win by more than 1 and you have a winning bet.  BOTH teams must win for the bet to be considered a winner.  You have to check the rules of the casino as it relates to Ties.  The rules at Wannamakeabet.com stipulate that ties lose.  

Let’s do one more example.  This time with a three team Teaser.  This will give you ten points to play with:

Eagles (-3) at Giants (+3)

Rams (- 7) at Broncos (+7)

Patriots (-3.5) against Chiefs (+3.5)

So if you want a three team Teaser bet with the Giants, Broncos, and Chiefs, your bet ticket will be:  Giants +13, Broncos +17, and Chiefs +13.5.  This adds ten points to all the lines listed above .  This is the example we use from the Video.

Most bettors think that  Teasers are amazing bets.   The Giants getting 13 at home to the Eagles?  That’s plenty of points.  Or Denver getting 17 at home from the Rams?  No problem, right?  Wrong!  At Wannamakeabet.com, we have seen millions of virtual bets, many of them teasers, and typically when a team loses, they can lose really badly.  So don’t be fooled into thinking that if you add enough points to an underdog you have plenty of room.  Conversely, don’t be fooled into thinking that a 10 point favorite teased down to Pickem is a winner because they just have to win the game.   The other thing to keep in mind is this.  Even if you are betting a three team teaser and getting all those points, you still have to win three bets.  And remember, unlike a Parlays, a Teaser bet only pays even money.  So you have to win three games to win even money.  And that’s not easy.

We hoped this helped with your Teaser education and we hope to see you at Wannamakeabet.com soon betting no risk teasers all day long with you bankroll of units.


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