Free Sports Betting at is one of the only places online where you can enjoy free sports betting on the internet.  Our community is 35,000 strong.  We love to bet on sports without risking any real money because we bring free sports betting to the world in a fun atmosphere.  We put participants in leagues that we create or that they set up on their own.  Therefore, everyone can compete against friends, family, or work colleagues.  We host many leagues every month where people are betting to their heart’s delight without risking a penny because betting on sports is not really about the money.  It’s about the action and the competition.

Wanna know more about our history?  Back in the early 90s we were convinced there was a way to enjoy betting on sports without actually losing any money. The idea of a betting league quickly resonated with immediate friends in NYC and we were able to get about 50 people together between New York and New Orleans to pilot the concept for our first league that still remains to this day called Megabux New York. Our friends were having a blast with their bankroll of “units” betting on parlays, teasers, reverses, straight bets and totals on hundreds of games every week without ever losing a penny.

The rest, as they say, is history. Right around this time, the Internet was quickly being adopted and it made perfect sense to us to build a software program that would do all the wager grading and league management functions that we were doing manually. The result was the first version of our website that launched in time for football season in 1999. Now, roughly 18 years later and 35,000 members strong, is considered the first fantasy sports betting website on the internet with thousands of leagues to date and millions of virtual wagers graded.

We look forward to managing your league and working with you to be the best, most informed, sports handicapper you can be. We encourage you to start off by joining one of our free leagues at the site to see how much fun it is. Then, you will naturally graduate to assembling a group of friends, office workers or college buddies to start your own league with your own rules. We pride ourselves in being incredibly service oriented (as long as you follow the rules) for all your fantasy sports betting needs.


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