WANNA Go Against Joe Public? Here Comes Cleveland!

By Ryan Somers – Wannamakeabet Staff Writer

Last 2 weeks haven’t been super kind to us, going 2-4, but our lock of the week last week in Arizona didn’t just cover, but won the game. Let’s talk about this week. This is a great week to go contrarian. Tons of teams getting smaller amount of the bets, but getting a majority of the money, which is one of the keys to look for. The sportsbook I used to pull this data is Pinnacle for any of you wondering. Now let’s get to it!

Game                                                         % of bets                                                  % of Dollars

Detroit                                                     60                                                                41

Baltimore -3                                          40                                                                59


Cleveland +14                                      30                                                                51

LA Chargers                                           70                                                                49


Philadelphia                                        66                                                                60

Seattle +5                                               34                                                                40


Now let’s look and see what games have had reverse line movement this week, meaning big money have been placed on teams not getting majority of the money.

Teams with reverse line movement

NY Giants +7 to +6.5, but now at +9

Arizona +7 to +6.5, now back up to +7

Seattle +5 to +4, now back up to +5

Cincinnati +5.5 to +5, still at +5


Baltimore -3-Lock of the Week

Cleveland +14 (Last time Jack)

Seattle +5

Cincinnati +5





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