Let’s Talk: Turkey Bowl 2017 invites are out!

Is everyone ready for the 17th Annual Turkey Bowl?  The Thanksgiving day NFl schedule is out and we’re ready to rock.  We can’t think of any better way to spend the holiday than firing in action all day long while you’re eating, drinking (smoking?) and enjoying the time with friends and family.  Invitations are waiting for you at Wannamakeabet.com when you log in to the site.  If you don’t see an invitation, let us know.  Here are the gory details of the league:

  • Entry fee is $20
  • Everyone gets 50,000 units to place on virtual wagers
  • Whomever has the most units when the league ends wins
  • League runs from Thanksgiving Day through the NFL Monday Night Football game.
  • 100% payout.  1st Place 70%, 2nd Place 20%, 3rd Place 10%
  • League is for College Football and NFL only.
  • Available bets are the usual: Sides/Totals/Parlays/Teasers/Reverses

You won’t want to miss this, it’s one of the best leagues of the year as we head toward the end of college football and bowl season and the final stretch of the NFL.  Get in today!

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