The Fed Shuts Down A Survival Pool in Missouri

For those of us who thought our cash was safe in these massive survival pools, we might have another thing coming.  The IRS paid a visit to a big pool in Missouri today and ceased all the funds.  It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.  Read more here..  

Things are bad in New York. Twitter fan threatens to kill Sanchez

Its just another day in New York when fans boo you, but things are really bad when the lid blows off social media and someone tweets a death threat.  This could really be the last straw for Sanchez.  Read more from

NFL Week 15 Checkdown: Redskins are suddenly best bet to win NFC East

Expect the unexpected should be the new theme of the NFL as we near toward the end of each season.  Who knew the Giants would collapse and the Cowboys would still be alive for a chance to get to the postseason.  Any way you slice it, with the Redskins torching of the Browns yesterday, they …